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About the Series

A year-long series of public lectures, discussions, and film screenings presents in-depth perspectives on the world’s transforming energy landscape.

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Global Energies is a year-long program of public lectures, discussions, and film screenings presenting in-depth perspectives on the world's transforming energy landscape. The series is presented by the Center for International Studies, the Program on the Global Environment, and the Environment, Agriculture, and Food working group.

UChicagoCIS@UChicagoCIS: Happening now -- Journalist Steve LeVine on the new geopolitics of energy. #globalenergies
55 months ago
UChicagoPGE@UChicagoPGE: Now: Seth Snyder from @Argonne on sustainable bioenergy crops and benefits of pyrolysis biofuels... #globalenergies
57 months ago
UChicagoCIS@UChicagoCIS: Madhu Khanna making case for energy crops as sustainable fuel w/ positive impact re: food prices, land use, carbon #globalenergies
58 months ago
UChicagoEAF@UChicagoEAF: Khanna challenges: Can we afford not to? While using food crops for biofuel is not sustainable, other crops could be. #globalenergies
58 months ago
UChicagoPGE@UChicagoPGE: RT @UChicagoCIS: Now: Colin Carter says end to US ethanol mandate could boost biofuels support. #globalenergies http…
58 months ago

Carbon Fuel and the Corporate Future

Renowned political theorist Timothy Mitchell speaks on his latest book and how “to approach the politics of energy in the twenty-first century we must ask about the history of the corporate future.”

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Land Grabs and the Politics of Biofuel

In the first event of the Quarter focusing on Biofuels, three researchers addressed a full room at Classics about the social implications of the global rise in demand for oil palm and sugar cane for biofuel production.

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Hydofracking: What Everyone Needs to Know

In this Global Voices Author Night, Alex Prud’homme explored the various arguments in the fracking debate and the challenges of reporting a story that is “exacerbated by an absence of hard data and an excess of hyperbole on both sides.”

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Myths and Realities of Fracking

Anthony Ingraffea provided a standing-room only crowd an overview of the science behind shale gas extraction and addressed three myths about large-scale development of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas.

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Fractured: A Public Discussion on Fracking and the Environment

“Fractured: A Public Discussion on Fracking and the Environment” featured four specialists, albeit from different fields, who shared their experiences and perspectives on hydraulic fracturing. The panel discussion occurred at the Field Museum on October 12 and included the following distinguished members: Terry Evans, photographer of “Fractured: North Dakota’s Oil Boom” Margaret MacDonell, Argonne National Laboratory…

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